We are not a Glum Lot

There is however, a vast amount of fun about it all. I suppose some would be shocked at our seeming worldliness and levity. Bill W., pg. 16

I must admit, when I first came into AA, I was very leery of all the laughter and goofing around. I wondered why these nuts thought alcoholism was so funny. I wondered aloud what the hell was so funny. I now can look back and admit that the hang up was mine and mine alone. I know now that there are many new people to AA who are also suspicious of all the humor and levity they hear in AA. I know that we laugh lest we cry. I know we have to laugh to survive and to lighten our loads. This is a drop dead serious disease. It takes no survivors. It will kill. And, before it kills, it will take everything that is of any importance to us. We funny bunnies in AA know this. We know how dang close to death and destruction we came. That is why we laugh. We laugh at the insanity that all of us showed; to risk it all, and still drink.

In AA, they say, “we are not a glum lot.” So true. One of my favorite things in AA is the fellowship that happens before the meeting. I like to show up 1/2 hour early, put the coffee on, set up, and then greet people as they come in. I greet each person by first name. If they are new to me, I go greet them personally. Some young kid asked me why I do all this. I said that in my family, the eyes roll and resentments precede each greeting. I want AA to be the ark or shelter from the cold reception we get from the rest of the world. Each of us carry the weight of our worlds into AA meetings with us. You can see that weight lift and mood lighten as soon as they are greeted as if they matter. You do matter. Lighten up. Share a laugh today with another alcoholic.


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