A Good Mix

We are people who normally would not mix. ~ Big Book, pg. 17

How true this has been for most of us. The people I have befriended in the AA program of recovery are so diverse from anyone I would have been attracted to in the past. In my drinking days, I hung out with the hardest drinkers and biggest party animals. I was bored with anything less than that. If they could not drink others under the table, I wanted nothing to do with them. If they were not ready and willing to do stupid and dangerous stunts, I had no use for them in my life. The more I drank, the more I needed bigger highs, greater risks, and higher levels of danger in order to keep my attention. The other day, we had a huge group show up for an AA meeting right in the middle of a winter blizzard. It seems that unlike the rest of society, we found no fear in being on the roads when driving was not advised by the state police. We sat there and laughed at each other. Alcoholics are not afraid of hell, we have already been there!

On the plus side, AA has given me the chance to meet and befriend so many people from all over the world who have two things in common with me. We have this disease, and we have this AA program of recovery in common. That makes for immediate friendships and fellowship. It matters not what God we pray to, what we believe in, what our political and religious beliefs are, or what language we speak; we have these two things in common. All else stays outside of the rooms of AA. AA is open to all who desire to stop drinking alcohol. That is the bottom line. I have to remember this when confronted with anything said or done that brushes up against what I think is “normal” or “right.” Embrace someone who is your exact opposite. You might find a good friend.


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