Common Solution

The tremendous fact  for every one of us is that we discovered a common solution. ~ Big Book, pg. 18 

Our common solution is a Higher Power. What I love about AA is not just one thing; but many things. Of those things, the notion that AA’s from all over the world regardless of language, ethnic group, belief systems, sexual orientation, financial status, etc. all hold this one thing in common. We all have a Higher Power. That Higher Power is typically called God. I use the term God as a universal term which most folks recognize. That way, we are all on the same page. But, what each of us envisions as our Higher Power can and does vary significantly. It may be Mother Nature, a Christian God, Allah, Buddha, the Universe, etc. There are thousands of gods out there. Some would argue that there is just one true God. I don’t know what is true for any other person. I do know that the more time I spent on trying to figure out what is true or not, was time distracted from what really mattered, and that was getting and staying sober. Debating and analyzing doesn’t work for the alcoholic mind.

In AA, we are encouraged to find our own concept of God. When I first came into AA, I was agnostic. So, I trusted the AA group as my God. G.O.D. at that time meant = Group of Drunks. That was real for me. That worked. Then I could shut up, sit down, and listen to my HP as they had what I wanted. Later on, as I grew in my spiritual life, it was suggested that I write a want ad for a God that I could trust and believe in. This was so liberating. I had never had the chance to believe in what I wanted to believe in. I had always been told what to believe and how to believe. Thus, my spiritual life opened up. It has been a very good journey. I am sure I have made a bunch of mistakes, but those have been good learning opportunities. I am sure my spiritual journey will continue. The trick is to be open to what the universe or your God has to offer.

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