Using Gifts

He uses his gifts to build up a bright outlook for his family and himself, and then pulls the structure down over his head by a senseless series of sprees. ~ Big Book, pg. 21. In comparison to other families in our community, I remember thinking we were wealthy. We always had more than enough… Read More Using Gifts

Wrong Moments

He has a positive genius for getting tight at exactly at the wrong moment, particularly when some important decision must be made or engagement kept. ~ Big Book, pg. 21.  This one always makes me chuckle. No, alcoholism is not one bit funny, but how the alcoholic minds decide when and how to act/react is… Read More Wrong Moments

Anti- Social

Yet, let him drink for a day, and he frequently becomes disgustingly, and even dangerously anti-social. ~ Big Book, pg. 21.   Anti-Social means being against society. Such a person will generally  be seen as: disregarding the law violating the rights of others manipulating and exploiting others None of us woke up one day and decided… Read More Anti- Social

“That” Guy

Here is the fellow who has been puzzling you, especially in his lack of control. He does absurd, incredible, tragic things while drinking. ~ Big Book, pg. 21.  All of us alcoholics will report that we did, said, and thought things we would never have done when not drinking. Alcohol tells us that we have… Read More “That” Guy

Hard Drinkers

Then we have a certain type of hard drinker. He may have the habit badly enough to impair him physically and mentally. ~ Big Book, pg. 20 As I said yesterday, alcoholism has 4 distinct levels or phases. This disease is cunning, baffling and powerful. It is also very patient. I know of many older… Read More Hard Drinkers


Now these are commonplace observations on drinkers which we hear all the time. Back of them is a world of ignorance and misunderstanding. ~ Big Book, Pg. 20 Ignorance and misunderstanding kept us all sick. We have all had people in our lives who expressed shame, guilt, an blame at our drinking. They either blamed… Read More Ignorance