Now these are commonplace observations on drinkers which we hear all the time. Back of them is a world of ignorance and misunderstanding. ~ Big Book, Pg. 20

Ignorance and misunderstanding kept us all sick. We have all had people in our lives who expressed shame, guilt, an blame at our drinking. They either blamed us solely or tried to take the responsibility for our drinking for their own. Neither was true. People often ask alcoholics why they drink, or why did they go out and drink again. Quite simply, we drink because we drink. We drink until it no longer works for us. Until that time, we really have no felt desire or need to quit. It is not a moral sin or a public crime to make ourselves sick and miserable. We have all heard these said to us or about us. Now that I am sober, I recall the things that were said to me from time to time. I now understand that these loved ones were just trying to express love and concern. It may have been completely misdirected and devoid of compassion, but it was the truth. We all know how much truth is acceptable to the alcoholic and/or addict.

We desire the very thing (alcohol &/or our preferred drug) that hurts us the most. I will never figure this out, but it clearly defines the alcoholic mind. Alcohol will cause us pain, destroy all that matters to us, and then take our very lives, but we will still crave it. It is like someone eating life threatening shards of glass. The glass eater knows it will cut his mouth, throat and stomach lining, but he wants it anyway. Every time he eats the glass, he gets sick and ends up in the hospital. But, as soon as he is released, he goes right back out there and eats it again. He keeps thinking perhaps stained glass, polished glass, smaller amounts of glass, and maybe specially blown glass will not cause as much harm. If this sounds insane, you are very close to understanding the still suffering alcoholic. That is all we need to be of help.

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