Moderated Drinkers

Moderate drinkers have very little trouble giving up liquor entirely, if they have a good reason for it. They can take it or leave it alone.  ~ Big Book, pg. 20. 

I am of the belief that moderate drinkers will at some point become full fledged hard drinkers and even alcoholics if they continue to increase their tolerance levels. Not everyone is in agreement with this. I believe there at least 4 distinct phases of the disease of alcoholism. In recent years, many of those who seek out AA and the sobriety it offers are but moderate drinkers. They have just decided that their bottom is low enough to seek help. They wish to raise their bottoms. I know that in my case, I did not want to get to stage 4 where major medical issues, hospitals, jails, and clinics became involved. I knew I was heading down the same path that many in my family members had taken, and it did not look all that pleasant. I raised my bottom. I had had enough. Each of us has to define whether or not we are alcoholics.

It is really a personal decision as to whether or not we belong in the rooms of AA. I am glad I raised my bottom. There is no level at which we qualify for AA. AA won’t kick you out while you attend meetings and try to figure out whether or not you belong. If you feel you have had enough, and that you cannot control your drinking or the amount you drink, then you are welcome in AA. If you feel you have lost control of alcohol, and that your life is out of control because of it, you are welcome to AA. The only require for membership to AA is the desire to stop drinking. Much like there is no imaginary ladder of worth when it comes to sobriety or success in life; there is no ladder of worthiness to be an AA member. If you want sobriety, and you are willing to do what is needed to get you sober; then by all means, have a seat. We welcome all who ask for help.

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