Anti- Social

Yet, let him drink for a day, and he frequently becomes disgustingly, and even dangerously anti-social. ~ Big Book, pg. 21.  

Anti-Social means being against society. Such a person will generally  be seen as:

disregarding the law
violating the rights of others
manipulating and exploiting others

None of us woke up one day and decided or declared that we wanted to be alcoholics. Not one of us wanted to harm others, especially our loved ones. But, we did become alcoholics, and we did hurt others; especially our loved ones. Alcohol told us that our rights were greater than others. It took us places where we would have never gone in our right minds. It made us make decisions that were harmful to ourselves and others. In my small community, I know of at least 4 cases where young members have nearly killed their siblings while drunk driving. This resonates with me, as I did the same thing. I did not set out to harm my siblings, but I did. I frightened them. I left them scarred for life.

I cannot undo what I did while under the influence of alcohol. But, I can right the wrongs by living sober. That is called a living amends. I can be supportive of their therapy or whatever they need to recover from the pain of the past. The best thing I can do for society is to stay sober, live according to the laws of the land, and most importantly, I can work with other new AA members who bring with them guilt and shame for having harmed others. AA helps us to become social beings who care about the needs of others over our own.


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