Wrong Moments

He has a positive genius for getting tight at exactly at the wrong moment, particularly when some important decision must be made or engagement kept. ~ Big Book, pg. 21. 

This one always makes me chuckle. No, alcoholism is not one bit funny, but how the alcoholic minds decide when and how to act/react is amusing to the onlooker. It is like watching a hunter shoot himself in the foot because he fails to follow sensible hunting and safety protocols. Alcohol tells us that we will be able to interview or make a great sales pitch better with a “bit” of booze in us. Alcohol, after all used to make us loosen up and a relax. Remember? In the beginning, it solved our social anxiety and fear-based reactions to society. I remember a few job interviews, a class reunion, and a whole lot of other important life decisions and appointments that really went south as a result of just having a “bit of alcohol” before I went. I still carry a scar from almost severing my finger with an electric knife after alcohol told me that I really did not need to wear protective wear. I do not tell you this to brag or qualify as an alcoholic. I tell you this as a life lesson.

There is no magic booze, pill, or bullet that will make us more sociable or glib. Alcohol will never make life better or easier. It will appear to be our friend and helper. But eventually, it will take us down a hell hole which we will have to work for years to crawl out of. AA will make this ascent from hell a bit smoother. We will not have to do this repair work alone. We will have the camaraderie of fellow survivors. We will have the benefit of millions of other recovered alcoholics who also screwed their lives up and have found a way to repair them. This is a WE program. Together, we will recover, we will repair the problems we caused, and we will live happy, joyous, and free lives. AA promises this; if we work for it.

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