We are Not all Religious

Not all of us join religious bodies, but most of us favor such memberships. ~ Big Book, pg. 28  

My religion is AA, and that is where I go to “church.” I can also go to church in nature, in my gardens, etc. I used to think it was true that which I was taught: prayer in a church was the best kind. I am proud to announce, I got over that one! I was very religious as a young kid. At recess, I would go into the next door church to pray instead of play. I was fervent in my beliefs. It was a great escape from a very painful home life. I had hopes, saints, and faith to pull me through things most kids would not have survived. So, I am not against religion. It serves many purposes for people who need it. One of my friends says she needs a church group/home to feel secure in life. I can understand that. The bottom line in AA is that although AA members may be affiliated with their individual churches, the rest of their fellow members may never know it.

AA holds no outside affiliations, nor does AA as a whole have any opinions on outside issues. The only requirement for membership into AA is the desire to stop drinking. That is all. Beyond being fellow AA members, we are free to practice any religion we feel so drawn to. In my 17 years of agnosticism, I enjoyed exploring various religious experiences beyond what I was raised in. I found it most helpful. Most religions offer tenets to live by, and their message is love, faith, and hope. These things can be found throughout every faith. I find these things in AA. The difference is that AA does not have sins or damnation to keep us in line. AA offers natural consequences that come along with personal freedom and choice.

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