Further on, clear-cut directions are given showing how we recovered. ~ Big Book, pg. 29

Those simple directions referred to are the 12 Steps of AA. I needed clear-cut directions when I came into AA. What I was doing was not working for me. My life was unmanageable by me. I did not do things perfectly even after getting into AA. I spent my first 3+ years dry drunk. I was angry, frustrated, and not drinking (which to most of my loved ones was a pain in their behinds!). In fact there was a few times when those loved ones would bark, “just go drink!” out of frustration with my behavior. I must tell you, I just did not get the connection between my behavior and their frustrations. I can see it now, but back then I just thought everyone else was wrong. At least I was not drinking. I figured that should have been enough. So, they were wrong no matter what. I was the victim and the martyr!

I sure am glad I found AA. It makes being sober so much easier. I still have siblings who hate my sobriety; as they still drink heavily. I know their behavior is not about me. I have learned to take my pails to fuller wells. The empty wells have no water. I cannot get something out of nothing.  If I want the happy, joyous, and free life I see around the AA tables, I need to do what they do. I also know that there is nowhere in the AA literature that says we are guaranteed any perfect life by being sober. We are only offered the chance to act and react more sanely and peacefully to the life we have before us. Each and every day, we will be presented circumstances and choices that will bring us a lesson as well. Each choice we make will result in an appropriate reaction or outcome. Based on what we receive, we will be able to choose differently the next time. Keep it simple. Relax. You can do this thing.

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