Me Too

Yes, I am one of them too. I must have this thing. ~ Big Book, pg. 29

By now, most of us on social media are sick and tired of the phrase “me too.” It has been co-opted and overused this past year or so to help people express their victimhood and association with others who have suffered similar pain. I say “me too” relates to how we feel in the AA rooms when we hear the stories of others. We can relate to what they have gone through in their active alcoholic years. I have heard (I wrote this in my Big Book) that AA does not open the gates of heaven to let us in; but it opens the gates of hell to let us out! We are not afraid of hell, as we have already lived there. We know the pain, agony, and uncertainty that drinking has brought to our worlds. We know exactly how each other feels. We are just lucky and a bit surprised that we are here to tell about it.

AA offers us a chance to hear again and again the stories of other alcoholics who have come to believe in a Power greater than themselves who has restored them to sanity. We have the benefit of their experience, strength, and hope to rely upon to bolster our own weak wills or weak resolve when things get tough. We realize we will never have to be alone again. Thank goodness we found AA and each other. We do not ever have to drink again. No matter what comes into our lives, no matter what pain or hurt we suffer; we do not have to drink over it. Today, we have choices and freedom. Thank AA for that.

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