Heaven and Hell

Earth is heaven or hell – same day. ~ Indian Proverb

This in another one I had written in my Big Book years ago. It reminds me that it is all about perception. I can either have a heaven or a hell here on earth, and it is all about how I perceive things in my life. Sometimes, I have days where one minute I am in heaven, and the next, I feel like hell. This happened yesterday. I had a relatively pain free day. I was feeling hopeful that I had finally made a turn in my recovery process from the accident. Then I got to the physical therapy appointment. The new therapist believes in active rehab, where I had had passive rehab the first go round. It hurt like hell. The pain seared through my leg. So, it took me a while that evening to get my pain levels back under control. Breathing helps. So does ice. But what helps the most is going with the pain, not resisting it.

What we resist persists! At least that is what I was taught. It is the same in AA. We can fight this disease and everyone and everything around us and really experience hell on earth. Or, we can embrace life on life’s terms. We can choose heaven or hell even in the same day. Life is going to roll along anyway. We might as well go with the flow. To fight it is to create hell in our own heads and hearts. We are like the dogs barking, but the caravan goes on. We are the ants on a log in a river. When the current pushes the log along the stream, we think we are steering it! If we fight the stream or the log, chances are we will end up in the water. Choose heaven over hell. The universe does not want you to suffer needlessly.

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