The Nerves

Far from admitting he was an alcoholic, he told himself he came to the hospital to rest his nerves. ~ Big Book, pg. 39

It is understandable that someone would want to hospitalize himself for nerves and to recuperate from the stresses for life. It is also understandable that alcoholism would be mistaken for mental illness. It is listed under mental health illnesses in most medical literature and indexes. That only tells 1/3 of the truth. It is a three part disease: mental, physical and spiritual. When I work with other alcoholics, one of the first things I suggest is listing their symptoms of alcoholism under each of these categories. It is important to recognize our individual symptoms, so that we have more awareness for the future. I know when I was drinking, I had many brown bottle flu days. I am glad that I can report that I seldom get the “flu” these days. Miraculously, when we do not feed our bodies poisons; we do not get “sick.”

These days, I have switched out my old, self-imposed problems for a higher class of issues. These issues are not insurmountable as they may have be in the past. I know my HP has my best interest at heart. I know my HP did not drag me through nearly 70 years to drop me on my head. I know my HP wants for me to be happy, joyous, and free. I know that without AA, sobriety, and a prayer life of serenity and service to others; I would be back into the “sick” ward with my “flu” symptoms. What are your spiritual, physical, and mental symptoms of alcoholism? Take time to inventory these for future reference.

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