Crucial Difference

One crucial difference between outside interests/businesses and AA is that they do not govern themselves according to our 12 Traditions. ~ 12 Step Literature AA welcomes all alcoholics who have a desire to stop drinking. In accordance with Tradition #6, we keep AA separate and apart from outside agencies, businesses, and enterprises. Our members may… Read More Crucial Difference

Not $ Driven

AA operates with a minimum of worry about funding, administrative problems, or the success or failure of non-AA ventures. ~ 12 Step Literature Part of the integrity we practice in AA is to not be financially driven. We need to keep the profit motive at bay. AA is only for AA’s who want to recover… Read More Not $ Driven

When and How

We don’t set the timetable or method for these changes. When and how our defects are removed is entirely up to God. ~12 Step Literature Our work is to do what we can to make ourselves ready, by actively reaching for recovery and putting ourselves in the frame of mind to receive God’s help. If… Read More When and How