Adding Drugs

The next day found me drinking both gin and sedative. ~Bill W., pg 7. There will come a point in the later stages of alcoholism, where we will have to use medical intervention. They may hospitalize us, put us in treatment, and/or prescribe medications for our symptoms. It is the latter that frightens me. I… Read More Adding Drugs


Then came the night when the physical and mental torture was so hellish that I feared that I would burst through my window, sash and all. ~ Bill W., pg. 6.  The curious part of alcoholism is that we desire the same thing that makes us the sickest. We drink a depressant to treat our… Read More Torture


There were flights from city to country and back, as my wife and I sought escape. ~ Bill W., pg. 6.  This references what they now call “geographic cures.” I sure had my share of this “cure.” I didn’t want to stay put! I had lived in the same town and in the same house… Read More Flights

The Fix

Gin would fix that. So two bottles, and – oblivion. ~ Bill W., pg. 6.   Wasn’t that our one and only solution? Booze would fix it. “A bit of the hair of the dog that bit you.” That was what they used to say when suffering a hangover. I remember one particular hangover when I… Read More The Fix


My brain raced uncontrollably and there was a sense of impending calamity. Bill W., pg. 6  We alcoholics love drama. High drama preferably! I used to gloat that I performed best when under crisis. As farmers, we had high drama with accidents when using dangerous machinery. I was one that could be counted on to… Read More Uncontrollable