What happened today at Intergroup? Unless you were there, you can’t know. But you can learn what happened last month at the November meeting because the minutes shown below were voted on today and approved as published this afternoon. In January you’ll be able to read in The Partyline what happened today. But why wait a whole month to find out! Become a GSR for your home group and as such attend the monthly Intergroup meeting — it is rare indeed when a meeting lasts longer than an hour — and start participating in your own recovery!


☞PARTYLINE SPECIAL EDITION!☜ It’s the Second Sunday of the Month!

As almost a dozen of our loyal readers are aware, it has always been the editorial policy of The Partyline to promote participation in all aspects of our AA community.  Today we are pleased to announce a new feature of this publication.  We have been attempting to have one of our crack reporters in attendance of every… Read More ☞PARTYLINE SPECIAL EDITION!☜ It’s the Second Sunday of the Month!