We react sanely and normally, and we find that this has happened automatically. ~ pg. 84, Big Book

I have to laugh because I cannot honestly tell you what is “normal”. It is said that it not healthy to be normal in an insane society. If the events of the last year does not demonstrate some crazy mass mania going on, then you are #1: not paying attention or #2: think it is just fine. There was a time when I craved chaos and was usually the one creating it. These days, I have very little tolerance for crazy. I understand when an individual person goes off the wall. That I get. I do not get a large swath of society bent on destroying the very fabric of a once good and free nation. I know my 10th step list has grown a whole lot longer!

What has this got to do with sobriety? Step #10 offers the daily opportunity to review what happened, who was involved, how we felt about it, what our fears were, and what was our part. I call it my sanity step. No matter how crazy everyone around me gets, I can have “serenity.” I can choose how to react and act. I can get a perspective on things, get with my sponsor and talk things over, and hand it over to HP. One thing I know is that I do not have to like what is going on or who is involved. I always tell myself, “you don’t ever have to do that again!” That seems to calm me down. Remember too, that it is not about me or you. Most of it isn’t. G.O.D. can and will lift and carry this too.

Deep down in the human spirit there is a reservoir of courage it is always available, always waiting to be discovered. ~ Pema Chodron

Just about the moment I feel discouraged or defeated and feel I just do not want to go on, someone says to me the very thing I need to hear at the very right moment. And, magically, I am willing to listen. I like to call these times God-cidences. And, isn’t it weird that it something that I have said the same thing to them at one time? This gives me chills. I do believe the people in AA are G.O.D. with skin. I am the kind of person who doubts the existence of something greater than myself from time to time, so having a physical presence helps me reconnect with this Higher Power source more readily.

I believe we are going into a period of darkness and confusion as a society. There is more talk of war, hatred, bigotry, and strife than I have seen/heard since my brief time on this planet. I think there will be uncommon heroes and extraordinary acts of bravery as a result. I could believe that all will be lost, but I choose to think much good and enlightenment will come as a result. Remember what Mr. Rogers used to implore of kids, “look for the helpers. The helpers will always be there.” You just never know who will be asked to bring you the message of recovery. It is wise to not dismiss the messenger even if they do not appear to be someone you even like or trust. God calls those to service who are the least likely to serve. Be brave. It may be you next.