Farm Day

Once an alcoholic, always an alcoholic. ~ Big Book, pg. 33. I spent today at a friend’s farm. We had fresh produce right out of the ground for lunch and fruit off her tree for dessert. Nothing processed. Nothing artificial. Just real food from a real farm. She does not use chemicals. So, everything is… Read More Farm Day

Other Means

Every means of solving his problem which money can buy was at his disposal. ~ Big book, pg. 32-33. One thing I will credit our modern society with is we have found solutions to problems. For whatever you are ailing from, someone somewhere has your solution. We have amazing technology, advancements in medical innovations, great… Read More Other Means


Out came his carpet slippers and a bottle. In two months, he was in a hospital puzzled and humiliated. ~ Big Book, pg. 32.  I feel badly for people who face retirement due to aging, job change, or disability. It is a hard thing to face. I faced it early in life and then rediscovered… Read More Humiliated


He was ambitious to succeed in business, but saw that he would get nowhere if he drank at all. ~ Big Book, pg. 32. One trait I can cop to is ambitious. I love learning new things. I love a challenge. The best thing anyone can do for me is to tell me that I… Read More Ambition