Deal Lovingly

As we have dealt lovingly with every person in our lives,

our spiritual awakening has become a reality. ~ Anon

They say that it is true, that we get back what we give out. The day or situation will happen rather or not we like it. We are like the ants on a log: when the log rolls, we think we made it happen. No matter how much we try to prevent an event or outcome to happen, it will happen. There are natural events, and then there are natural consequences. The other day, someone thought I meant young children that got cancer was due to their own consequences. No, bad things to happen to innocent and good people. As adults, we have more likelihood that our bad choices created our negative outcomes.

In Step #9, we are encouraged to approach those we have harmed with loving forgiveness. I frankly think forgiveness is the providence of a HP. To think I should bestow forgiveness is to say I have any power whatsoever over my fellow being. Please do not give me that kind of power! It is bound to embolden me to take more liberties. Instead, I like to approach people with unconditional love and acceptance. With open hands/not closed fists. That seems to be a whole lot more favorable. So, off to another sober day. I get to garden. Communing with Mother Nature will bring things into harmony for me. Take care.