What Freedom Means

The best remedy for those who are afraid, lonely or unhappy is to go outside, somewhere where they can be quiet, alone with the heavens, nature and God.

~ Anne Frank

As we celebrate our collective freedom, it only makes sense to sit down and make note of just how free it is to be sober and completely at ease with oneself and the universe at last.  I am still pretty much a loner. I do love people, but I prize solitude more. As others clamor for more food, more fun, and more of whatever; I retreat into the quiet and peace that I craved for so many years.

What a relief to be able to wake up post holidays to know where I went, who I was with, what I said, and what I did; and not be ashamed of any of it. That to me, is true freedom. I did not have to impress, dress, or stress for anyone or anything. What a joy of freedom I feel to know that all days are of equal value. There are no special days, holidays or vacations from this disease. No amount of alcohol or anything will bring me greater joy than to be alive, to be connected to the universe, and to be truly free. I will toast my lemonade to that!

Step # 7 and Beyond

Our purpose is not to judge others,

but to practice attitudes of mercy and forgiveness.

~ Anonymous

In developing our healthier selves through the process of working the steps, we are encouraged to MYOB, focus on our work and not that of others, and to be mindful that not everyone has a 12 step program to teach them loving ways. I had to learn to mind only that which is from the tip of my own nose and inward. That business beyond the tip of my nose was not of my concern. It is none of our business what others think of us; and conversely, it is none of their business what we think of them. If we can keep our own side of the street clean, then the rest will work itself out.

A few months back it came to me in either my sleep or meditation (quite frankly, I get those confused) that G.O.D.’s intention for me was to “just love everyone; I will sort it our later.” What a huge relief that I do not have to be or act like G.O.D. That is not my job. I am not being paid well enough to take it on. And therefore, I am relieved of the burden. How fantastic is that? I spent much of my earlier years saddled with the notion I had to be all, do all and know all for everyone. It left me exhausted and full of resentment. How free we truly are to just be our selves and nothing more. Seek freedom through working the steps.