More Group Tradition #9 Work

In AA, we have experienced how things work out for the best when organization is kept at a minimum. ~ AA Traditions

Here are some more tradition #9 questions that a group could use to determine if they could be stronger once traditions are better adhered to. Traditions are homicide prevention. They keep us from killing each other. They are the glue that keeps us together, keeps us coming back, and gives us clear directions on a true democratic process that most organizations can only dream of.

  1. Do we try to understand and support the service structure?
  2. Do we do our part in helping AA’s different service bodies carry the message?
  3. Do we use patience and humility in performing each AA job we take on?
  4. Are we aware of all those to whom we are responsible in any AA job?
  5. Has our group made a point of to discuss the 12 traditions and how they apply to us?                                                                                                                                              The strongest meetings stick to the AA traditions and teach(through workshop, study, and sponsorship) its members how to apply the traditions in all of our affairs. Stick with the winners.

Group Inventory

We are winding down on my first month of this blog. So far, I feel I am gaining a lot out of just writing this. I hope those who read this are as well. The final part of tradition #6 involves some interesting group inventory questions that I would suggest you take to your business meetings. Here you go:

  1. Do we respect the 12 traditions and teach the newcomers how to apply them in our meetings and lives?
  2. Do we discourage members from sharing or pitching outside agencies, hospitals, treatment centers, etc.?
  3. Are we careful not to use AA money to finance outside enterprises, churches, businesses, etc.?
  4. Do we sell outside (non-AA conference approved) literature?
  5. Are we careful not to use other members or AA contact lists to sell things or to promote our own businesses for our own personal gain?
  6. Do we avoid endorsing outside entities (such as treatment programs, experts, hospitals, etc.)                                                                                                                       These should help your meetings get and stay on track. We all want and need healthy meetings, right? The only way to ensure this is to have regular monthly steering (business) meetings, do group inventories now and then, and follow the traditions. This will keep those doors open for the next generations who will need AA in the future. For this, we are responsible.