Today’s Tidbit

My home group studies the corresponding step for each month, That would be Step #6 this week. You know, every time I read from AA literature, I see things someone has sneaked in there over night! This time I learned that step one is the one step where we made the decision to admit complete powerlessness and to become completely willing, the other steps (2-12) are ideals….things to shoot for. Who knew!?

So, yes, there are things about my character that are not all that pleasant. I prefer to consider them “self-defeating behaviors”. I have never been all that motivated by the negative meaning that the word “defects” means in my head. Whatever word we use, whatever method of change we take, and however we approach this step, it can only get better than our best day as drunks. I hope your Monday gets off on a good, peaceful start.

Jo S.

Today’s Tidbit

I have been wrestling emotionally over things I have no control of, but again, I want control. I am sure some of you can relate. I was reminded after having allowed myself some unfettered “justifiable anger” that some people (including me) cannot afford the dubious luxury of anger and resentment.

So, in consultation with my sponsor and after many signs from HP, I am on a new and better path. Being of service takes me out of self and into recovery. There are other tools as well: telephone, writing, prayer/meditation, sponsorship, sobriety, meetings, etc. But, in my life and in my experience, service is the key ingredient. “Always to extend the hand of recovery, for this I am responsible”. Feel free to comment and let me know how this works for you. Jo