Ode to Procrastination

Oh, procrastination, my great fascination.

How I cherish that you are nefarious.

I want to be perfect, so I plan and deflect.

There exists a list to help me persist.

No need to do that which I plan to undo.

Oh, procrastination, your are my distraction.

Some say just do it; I say forget it.

Why do today, what I can do any another day?

We all have character flaws that we coddle and cling to. My favorite is procrastination. I have it down to a science. In fact, I like to think of it as creative energy. The reality is that procrastination is the flip side of perfectionism. I firmly believe that we will let go of old habits and character flaws when the hanging on becomes more painful than the letting go. Step #6 suggests that we become willing to be willing. How does step #6 work in your life?