What are we Afraid of?

Fear is a 4 letter word for procrastination ~ Anon

What is the worst possible thing that could possibly happen if you make amends? That is the question for the ages. And, it is the exact same question I pose to you when that amends list has gone unchecked for years while waiting for your action. What is going on? Why has there been no action to remedy things? What are you afraid of? When we follow the “worst possible thing that could happen” scenario out, we discover that the reality is probably something that we would still be able to live through and tell about. Most amends will not result in a scorched earth result. It may be uncomfortable, but remember: if it is uncomfortable = spiritual growth; if comfortable = no growth.

It may help to put the list in order: 1st column for immediate and in person amends. 2nd column for those at a distance or no longer in your life. 3rd columns for “when hell freezes over”. (hint: do the easy ones first). If you have written your (not to be sent) letters, and reduced the amends to that simple sentence of “I was wrong about such and such, and how can I make it right” then you can proceed. I have found it helpful to rehearse with a sponsor first. Let the sponsor act out your worst case scenario. Pray for the right words and timing. It will happen the way it is suppose to. Believe me, the fear in your head has created a great big old mountain out of a mole hill. Most folks have already forgiven and forgotten. The universe is waiting. What are you waiting for?

Ode to Procrastination

Oh, procrastination, my great fascination.

How I cherish that you are nefarious.

I want to be perfect, so I plan and deflect.

There exists a list to help me persist.

No need to do that which I plan to undo.

Oh, procrastination, your are my distraction.

Some say just do it; I say forget it.

Why do today, what I can do any another day?

We all have character flaws that we coddle and cling to. My favorite is procrastination. I have it down to a science. In fact, I like to think of it as creative energy. The reality is that procrastination is the flip side of perfectionism. I firmly believe that we will let go of old habits and character flaws when the hanging on becomes more painful than the letting go. Step #6 suggests that we become willing to be willing. How does step #6 work in your life?