Service is the rent we pay to be on this earth.

We give back freely what we were freely given. 

August 12, 2018  Biz Meetings

11:00 am: InterGroup Banquet Committee. We have 3 positions to fill!!  Central Office  1620 Pleasant, Suite #228, DSM 50314

Noon: Executive Board/Steering Committee Meeting 1620 Pleasant Street, Suite #228 Des Moines, IA. All AA members are welcome to attend, but please be quiet and respect the process.

1 PM Intergoup Meeting 1620 Pleasant Street, Suite #228 Des Moines, IA. If your meeting does not have a Group Rep, become one. If you are a new Rep, contact the secretary with your email address, etc. so that you receive all information and notices.

2 PM Website Development Subcommittee 1620 Pleasant Street, Suite #228 Des Moines, IA. We will meet to discuss website issues, problems and plans. Contact Rebecca at 515-451-1417 or just show up. We need folks who can help us make this project more user friendly and something we can use to better deliver AA message of recovery into our communities.

3 PM: District #7 Meeting is at the Whitehouse 1400 Pennsylvania Ave, Des Moines.




Need a new commitment? Sponsor been riding you about being of service? Need to get out of self? Here’s an opportunity! We need help at the Polk County Jail Men’s pods. This is a 2nd Tuesday of the month at 7:30 p.m. Commitment? Just once a month, if you’re interested either respond here, or you can PM me. Asking for a friend! 🙂 We have a change of schedule and we will not be doing the Tuesday night Jail any more. Below are the last two dates the we have for the year and thank you for the help. Hope some other members can benefit from this opening.


Writers: District #7 Newsletter: Please share short or long, maximum length 1 page.

Dorte Breckenridge 815-297-5505


There is a desperate need of women in AA to take meetings to Polk County Jail and Kara would really appreciate help getting the word out. The sobriety requirement is 1 year and you must be 5 years off paper. This commitment requires dedication and just a little work to get added to the schedule. Please call Kara Haberkamp for details. 515-943-5626. Thanks in advance!