If Only

By trying to control others through manipulation and direct force, we had hurt others. When we tried to control ourselves, we wound up demoralized. Even when we succeeded, it wasn’t enough to make us happy. ~ 12 Step Literature The “If Only” game kept us drunk and sick. There was never enough love, passion, fun,… Read More If Only

Know Peace

You will never know peace until you stop expecting others to change. ~ Anon One of the hardest parts of sponsoring others is the letting go. It is said, “you can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make him drink it.” That stands for sponsees as well. The Big Book and 12 X… Read More Know Peace

Our Thoughts

Don’t believe everything you think! ~ Anon It is said that you cannot argue about feelings and fears. You can however argue about thoughts. This disease let’s us believe many untrue thoughts such as: It’s my body and my business. Now one can tell me what to do. It’s not fair. I deserve a little… Read More Our Thoughts