The Banker

The local banker watched me whirl fat checks in and out of his till with amused skepticism. ~ Bill W., Pg. 4 One of the many symptoms of alcoholism is the money mismanagement we committed in order to afford our addictions. I would like to qualify that I was raised by an alcoholic who acted… Read More The Banker


Golf permitted drinking every day and every night. ~ Bill W., pg 3.  I was raised on a farm. Farmers, as you know are self-employed. I learned very early on that alcohol was available everywhere on the farm. My dad had stashes in tractor tool boxes, among his fishing gear, behind bricks in barn buildings,… Read More Permission


For the next few years, fortune threw money and applause my way. I had arrived. ~ Bill W. Ego tells us that when we have success, it is something we did to achieve it. Yet, when things do not go well, or we fail to achieve what we thought we deserved, we blame God. E.G.O.… Read More Fortune