But, soon the sense of His presence had been blotted out by worldly clamors, mostly within myself. ~ Bill W., pg. 12-13. The world does offer us many distractions. We are busy just getting by. In most families, it now requires two jobs or two incomes just to meet the rent and basics to survive.… Read More Disconnect

Old Prejudices

Despite the living example of my friend there remained in me the vestiges of my old prejudice. ~ Bill W., pg. 12.  Prejudices run deep and are hard to dispel oneself of. I know this all too well. Prejudice is basically judging others or circumstances based on feelings and fears of past experiences or training.… Read More Old Prejudices

New Soil

He was on a different footing. His roots grasped a new soil. ~ Bill W., pg. 12.  I love this phrasing. As most gardeners know, all we need for healthier flowers and crops is fresh soil, water, air, and sun. We need a whole new life in order to get sober. That life starts in… Read More New Soil


My ideas about miracles were drastically revised right then. Bill W., pg 11.  A miracle is a phenomenon that cannot be explained. I think the rooms of AA are filled with living and walking miracles. There is no reason that can be explained logically that we are sober. Something unexplained happened in each of our… Read More Miracles