Trust The Process

Trust the process, and follow sponsor directions. ~ Anonymous

This week, I just revisited my black out drinking days. There were days where I would not really remember living them. Maybe 2-3 days would slip by, and I would wake up at work or in the middle of some important meeting, and not remember how I got there. It was spooky because I would not know where I was, or how I got there. It was a scary part of my life. I only could piece together the events that had occurred when fellow drinkers would relate back what I had done or said. One time, I walked into a local bar, and the manager offered me a go go dancing job. Apparently, I had demonstrated my dancing skills on the top of one of the tables the night before.

Like much of our nation this week, I was reminded of how scary black out drinking can become. I saw someone nationally shamed by their past black out drinking and unable to defend his own actions or memory of the events of the past. I can only say, that I got lucky. My bottom was not public or on the national news. I luckily did not kill anyone or commit a felony. At least, I have not been told so. I need only add yet to any statements, as I know if I chose to go back out and drink again, there is no telling how far down the tubes I would go. For today, I am grateful that I am sober, and that I am in AA. So, I will continue to trust the process and follow sponsor directions. Do the deal. Stay sober. And, live life peacefully.

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